12 July — Holiday of the Sun

In this period the Sun with its Light Force warms the Earth and even at night the ground is warm. Swimming and walking in the field is in full swing, of course, because these are the warmest days. In the folk calendar 12 July is the Peter’s Day, Peters, Pauls, Petrovky, Peter’s holiday, Holiday of the Sun, playing of the Sun, dung cart. On that day there were folk festivals, and in the evening the youth went to the field to «guard» the sun.

On July 12, the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the apostles Peter and Paul, who are also called supreme ones for their especially zealous spread of the Christian faith.The church honors them as the first preachers of the Christian religion.

Before religions had come, this day in the Wheel of Time was the day of Holiday of the Sun

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn

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  • maura
    16.01.2020 at 16:06

    Sun plays important role in our life! Thank you for the information about the day of the Sun, when people can glory the sun and get energy from it 🙂

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 14:51

    I try to greet the Sun regularly, especially when it suddenly comes out of the clouds. Now I know when to organize a special holiday in its honor. I read articles from the series «Wheel of Time» and my heart becomes happier, I see life in different way, more positively. Thanks for the article!