Prayers for the Living-Beings

How to save yourself from war

For years I have warned you that appealing to the religious egregore brings wars, pandemics, cataclysms. I did tell you. Again and again you witnessed the consequences of it but continued to feed religion with your energy. The blood thirst of religions has increased due to your energy support. Do not read religious prayers, stop sacrifices, start living a good Life. Let Earth hear Heaven and then things will get better.

I’ m giving you two non-religious and vitally important prayers to help you if war comes.

«A prayer for protection for soldiers.»

Looking at the Sun recite 9 times:

«The bright Sun shines over the world whenever,
Helping (the name) to be protected from evil forever.

«A prayer for stopping war.»

Looking into the window put your hands up to the sky and recite 9 times:

«The Great Sun which over the Earth shines
Leading the paths to fine.
The Great Sun, save Mother Earth from war fight.
As I believe in your power and Light

I ask those who are in the cities, where the war is going on, to light non-church candles and ask the Sun for help. Ask our main Luminary, ask Mother Earth for help. Take away all religious things from your home as they are the transmitters of suffering. Take off all religious symbols. Help the Earth be free from religions and all wars, pandemics and cataclysms will gone with them. All of us want to live! You should realize that you have been transmitting the energy of suffering to Earth, transmitting through the symbol of cross with crucified man on it, through prayers to god, who considers that suffering is necessary, transmitting through the blood of sacrificial animals. lt was you who drew pain and suffering to Earth. Bring back the Faith to yourself. Faith is the knowledge of RA and RA is the energy flows of the Luminaries. When Earth and Heaven are in harmony we, people, are happy.

I wish you peaceful Heaven over your head.

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  • ViRa
    05.03.2022 at 12:46

    ?? Thank you again, Mother of the World, for your patient explanations and warnings. Thanks to the translator for your tireless work ?? Peace to the whole World! Verily!