Prayers for the Living-Beings

A prayer for the child’s health

The most important thing for you to understand is that it is very dangerous to recite religious prayers for the health of a child. You pray to the god who killed the babies of Egypt; the one to whom children (firstborn) were sacrificed. However, later they were allowed to make a certain payoff for the victim. You should realize that in religion, god is not the Creator at all. It is a god of a completely different level, who needs babies as sacrifices.

Aren’t you God’s children, and aren’t your children God’s children too? If you have joined any religion, you have become a slave of this god and have obligations to him. With this, I briefly explained to you that praying to a religious god of any religion means killing a child. Therefore, the most powerful prayer for the child’s health is the prayer of the Faith.

«Prayer for the child’s health»

Stir the water with a spoon and read:

«Mother-Water, heal my child from ailment. Heal from casual ailment, heal from inborn ailment, heal from attached ailment. Verily, with your power, Water, the child will be healed. Verily!»

Read it 9 times and let the child drink the water.

Prayer for the health of the child never cancels the consultation of a doctor, but only supplements medical care. A parent’s prayer for the health of a child is a powerful tool for restoring and helping a child at any age. Be happy!

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