A Vedic woman

Everyone who has been studying the universe through my vision for a long time knows that the Russian word “женчина” ([zenchina] meaning ‘woman’) is written with “ч” letter. It means a woman possessing the rank of a wife (“чин” means “rank”). But this article is about another type of woman. Such kind of woman has no rank.

So, Vedism is the Vedas (Sanskrit वेद, IAST: véda is “knowledge”, “teaching”), a collection of the most ancient Hindy scriptures in Sanskrit. The Vedas are categorized as shruti (“heard ones”) and the mantras contained in them are chanted as prayers and used in various religious rituals. If Vedism means knowledge, a Vedic woman is just a woman possessing the knowledge. What kind of knowledge? The religion, Vedism (knowledge), she preaches. What is the difference between a Vedic woman and a non-Vedic woman? The fact that the Vedic woman is a religious one, and she either belongs to Hinduism or to Slavism. It means the religion influences her perception of the information from the World around. How it reveals in her life?

Being married, for instance, means that a Vedic woman is obedient, calm and always obeys her husband. In this sense Vedism didn’t go far from the Abrahamic religions.

The purpose of all mentioned above religions is to neutralize a woman, turning her into an obedient, lacking willpower and very weak creature, positioning weakness as Strength.

But this is a lie. A woman has psychic Power, and a man has physical Power. These two kinds of Power complement each other, if one of them is missing, a family turns into a sick seed that will not germinate, instead of being a family giving growth to the tree of the Kin.

The next thing that makes a Vedic woman different from a non-Vedic woman is her behavior in society. For example, a Vedic woman can get a breast out on the street and start breastfeeding her child, the children of these women are brought up according to the principle “everything is allowed, as a child must experience the world around”. Experiencing the World this way, unfortunately, a child does not learn anything about the culture of behavior, about interaction in society, but turns into an aggressive, screaming animal (like “Mowgli”).

Now we shall move on to the uncomfortable truth, as his mother is an animal as well. Only animals breastfeed in public without any embarrassment, only animals do not teach the offspring the society rules and proper interaction with it. They have a different task, they must learn how to survive by licking, smelling, chewing. It does bear a resemblance. I already got used to the fact that my uncomfortable truth is perceived as a personal insult by those who have already built their own filtered understanding of the reality.

I can still remember the days when there were no children’s rooms in a cafe, and the children were sitting at the tables next to their parents, understanding how to behave. Today we have savages who, running out of their children’s prison, run around and between the tables screaming. There is a big difference between an animal and a human behavior, no matter whether we’re talking about a woman or a man. Do you understand what I mean? Being an animal, we become not closer to nature, but further from nature. Every living creature has its own part, and if you have evolved up to a human, you should behave accordingly. A person behaves since his very childhood. A person doesn’t get naked in society, even to feed a child. A human being does not give birth to as many children as a cat. A person does not mate daily or with everyone.

No matter how you react to my words, think what I am writing about. Today, a Vedic woman is a woman with mental problems, she takes from the World, making her own religious filters prevent her from a spiritual growth.

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