About Family

Look carefully at the Russian word ‘SEM’YA’ (family), this is [sem’-ya] (seven of me) or [se-mya] (seed). There is the energy of the seven components in the seed, and so is in the family. Seven energies within the family form the seed of the Kin from which the Family tree grows. If the seed is spoiled, there will be nothing. Only a whole seed is able to grow, if it is damaged or even eaten by someone, it won’t grow.

In nature seeds often pass through the intestines of animals, and then grow. This is also possible with respect to the seed of the Family tree, but in this case the help of a specialist is necessary.

Family is a great value. Its creation is a necessity, as well as a careful attitude towards it. Let’s try to think about what 7 energies are in the family. Write your answers in the comments below. And also write on what topics you would like to talk to me about.

I also ask you to run a diagnostic of your family by answering the following questions:

  • Do you have your own accommodation?
  • Are you a member of a religion?
  • Do you have chronic family diseases?
  • Is there a case of early death in the family?
  • Are there drug addicts or alcoholics in the family?

Think about these questions. I think you understand where the answer is “no” or “yes”. Email me if you need help.

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