About immortality

People are greatly concerned about immortality as everyone is afraid of the unknown, thus is afraid of Death.

The immortality of matter is impossible, because any matter is subjected to decay and a new one is created on the basis of the energy of decay. You can see it clearly in nature. A bud bursts and dies giving birth to a leaf, which grows, then changes its appearance and, finally, falls and disintegrates. But in spring the circle will repeat again, and a decayed leaf will become fertilizer for a tree, where new leaves will grow. The new leaves will have the same code, but their appearance will slightly vary, being larger or smaller and having a number of differences that are not very distinct.

Human body is matter as well, but containing information within. Information never disappears, information always requires matter. Information can be carried by a book, a person, a video, etc. There definitely must be a carrier. Information also lives within objects. For example, you look at an object and you remember something. Each thing carries a history. But now we discuss a human being.

Human is a carrier of information. The body contains information, and each cell is a container. The moment the physical body dies, the information is encapsulated into a new kind of matter within the Soul. And, being born again, the matter immediately receives the information. During our life on Earth, matter is an important component of Life. As on Earth we study the process of creation and interaction with matter. But at the next stage of development, we will acquire a different perception of reality, and we will store information differently. The immortality of the Soul is discussed in various teachings and religions differently, but why the Soul needs immortality?

There is a concept of contemplation, where our task is to love everyone, without any harm and to contemplate Life. One should not become attached to earthly goods and money, but be in a constant state of contemplation.

There is another concept as well. In order to save the Soul you must suffer. If you suffer on Earth, you will get to heaven. Heaven is promised as a liturgy only or even young girls and constant potency. Although, what is meant by potency is difficult to understand. How one can satisfy girls, if there is no male organ?

In all cases, a person is offered to fail the actual development, losing the ability to mature his Soul. Contemplation and suffering can not teach the process of creation, while creation and matter understanding is the main lesson of our Life on Earth. Religious teachings lead astray to control, as it is always easier to control people without any will. But your task is to understand yourself and not to go astray.

Soul immortality is possible, but just to a certain stage. Everyone has a certain number of Lives, like attempts in a computer game, and then the end. With every incarnation you must rise higher, and complete what you have to go through during the incarnation using a limited number of attempts. Is it worth spending your Lives on religions and different teachings? Your task is to understand that your Soul is capable of doing anything. You need to start studying, and I will help you.

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