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Humans give birth to their own kind. And this is not something to believe in or not to believe — everyone knows it and sees it every day. That is, creation in the likeness is made by human himself, this is his hypostasis of God. A person learns to create material things, which he can experience by himself and the top of that skill is the creation of a human.

What am I talking about? If a human can create a human then he can create simpler forms as well. The only problem is the lack of knowledge of how to do it. So you understand, how to create a human, but do not understand how to create something or someone else. For example, you know how to bake bread, what ingredients and actions are necessary for it and if you don’t know, you can read or watch the information in internet video.

But it doesn’t work in every case. For example, you dream of starting your own business or receiving of money, but, alas, the dream does not come true. What is the reason of the failure?

Everything is tritely simple — in ignorance, there is nowhere to get the information.

Where has this knowledge gone? Humans destroyed it in order to make people slaves of system settings. Thus, created egregores (from social to religious) place you like fish in aquarium. The most terrible thing is that they called you, Gods, slaves, and put creatures from outside to supervise you. This is such a war. The most cunning won and you have forgotten who you are.

Shall we remember? Need help?

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