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I am written lot of letters with gratitude that tell about colossal changes in Life (let me write «Life» with a capital letter). People write, telling that the quarrels have stopped, that chronic diseases are disappearing, the financial condition is improving, and most importantly, you want to Live, and there is an understanding of the value of Life, the importance of a family. It’s like they’ve taken off their dark glasses, and the world is playing with bright colors, even in November. Why are there such changes?

For those who do not see Heaven and Earth, and continue to profess a cult invented by someone, thinking that it is in the Faith (I remind you that Faith is the knowledge of Ra, the currents of the Luminaries, has nothing to do with religions), you might think that all changes for the better occur due to self-hypnosis. Let them think so, the main thing is the result! Of course, if in one or another religious system you have inspired yourself that it is necessary to suffer and serve a religious god, the result of such self-hypnosis is already evident everywhere.

For those who have already taken off glasses that darken their eyes and consciousness, I will tell you why there are such wonderful changes in people’s lives.

Krashenie removes religious seals. What are religious seals? These are your conscious and unconscious vows (they are in all religions at the entrance).

There are many religious seals, I will tell you about the main ones.

  1. Poverty.
  2. Physical and mental suffering.
  3. Refusal of Kin and family.
  4. Serving a religious god (give all your strength, Time and financial resources to him).

This is a small part of the main seals, during Krashenie they leave your Soul.

Further it is very important to know something. I don’t think you knew this, although no religion hides it.

Instead of the Human Spirit, and this is an energy substance that connects you with your Family and nourishes the Soul, you are placed in the Spirit of god (of the god, which religion you have chosen). Communication with Kin is completely broken, and you get a powerful sharing (from that moment you are obsessed). You will no longer receive the help of Kin, and your Soul will not grow, its task is to serve god.

“All the will of god” … have you heard it? I think yes. But you did not pay attention. After all, under the word “god” you saw the Creator, but you did not have a question, why does the Creator deprive you of your will?

So, in fact, Will is the Power emanating from the Soul to act and create something. Without a will, a person is doomed to be a powerless slave of the one whose will he follows. And what is the will of the religious god. This can be read.

  1. Serve him.
  2. Execute his orders.
  3. Destroy the non-believers.
  4. Make sacrifices.
  5. Renounce the family.
  6. Give all the money to him.

A small part of the instructions, not following which you will be punished, and following which you will be tormented, simply because it is a necessity, for the energetic feeding of a certain god.

So, during Krashenie, your Spirit and Will return to you. Hooray! This is a completely different state. But that’s not all.

The currents of the Luminaries, passing through the crown of the head, give you Intelligence instead of mind, and after passing through the whole body, they enter the Earth with currents, in response the Earth grants the Alive Force.

It has been known about energy channels for a long time, man is like a pillar between Heaven and Earth, a conductor of joy. Joy in Russian is “radost’”, which means giving Ra, hear it! For many years, religions have lied to people in order to enslave them. But the Great Russian language, no matter how hard they tried to destroy it, preserved the truth (in Russian truth is “pRAvda”, which means knowing the path of Ra). The worst thing is that, being in religions, you are not only yourself in slavery, but also a conductor of suffering to the Earth, that is, instead of good, you bring evil. This is punishable! And ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility.

You can find out more about Krashenie in the article.

To have Krashenie.

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  • joker
    26.11.2020 at 14:17

    Krashenie changed my life and the life of my family! Physical condition, career, success. I don’t care if someone might say it’s self-hypnosys. Only envious or religious people can say that. Ok, if it’s true why don’t they create a happy life for themselves if they know how, or think that they know. I see the result! That’s important. Deeds are not words as we know.

  • lagerthaeng
    05.01.2021 at 16:15

    Krashenie is a very important ceremonial even if you aren’t a religious person.
    If you have been baptized in a church by a priest you have been already put into the hands of religious Egregor (but let’s call it religious god) who is eating your energy during whole your life. And more you suffer, more energy you give. The most powerful energy finds out to be produced while continious suffering and that is where religious «god» eats it.
    Ceremonial Krashenie takes off the seals of religions and cuts off the chanell which lets the religious god eat you. You are not being eaten anymore and you start recieving more energy from the outside. Your life will change to better and never be the same anymore.