About life energy

In this article I want to cover the subject of life energy, where it comes from and why there is a lack of it.

Think of a baby who tirelessly plays and plays, gets up and sits down, crawls and runs. Try the same. Most likely, you will get tired of moving in such a rhythm. The fact is that as we grow up, there is less and less energy entering the body. Since the task of a matter is to self-destruct, it no longer needs the energy. We cannot deny the laws created not by us, any matter is formed and decomposed, but we can improve the quality of its life on Earth. I’m talking about the body now.

So, you need to receive as much energy of Luminaries as possible. Our main Luminary is the Sun, it directs its energy flows to the planets, and those, having received discharges from all the planets, come into our brain. So the brain becomes the mind. These energy flows pass through the whole body and enter the Earth through the legs, and the Earth gives the energy, called Zhiva, in return. Zhiva is so important to a person that they even created the Slavic Goddess Zhiva. So, if there is a lack of Zhiva, a person gets sick, if there are few energy flows, a person gets stupid.

As you enter religions, you are cut off from the energy flows of the planets and as a result you will get less and less of Zhiva. Therefore, religious people are sick and crooked, they have extinct look. Of course, they think that they have come to some god, but they are not able to read thoughtfully the religious literature and realize who they have come to.

We want to live! That is why we start a new life with abandoning religions with the help of Krasheniye. Also be sure to read the article about Cosmoenergy channels.

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