About magical breathing

Do you know that breathing kindles the Fire of Life, and thanks to breathing, the Spirit moves. That is, everything depends on breathing. Breathing in a regular person is elaborate and superficial, and during a period of stress, it is also irregular. Although even a sniper shoots at full rest. No decision cannot be taken on fast breathing. Also, when you breathe fast and short, you shorten your Life.

Long breath — long life. Let’s try to breathe like Gods. Exactly how this type of breathing is called. Whom is it called? By my wisdom. A long and calm breath goes to the lower abdomen and fills the abdomen with Life. Calm and long exhalation removes everything unnecessary and harmful from the body. Further, consciously through inhalation we can receive both the energy of Life as well as information. It is enough just to think about it, cleanse through exhalation. Try to breathe and fly. That is, to make flight movements with your hands, as if you were a bird. Very interesting sensations, therefore still going a harmonization of the space around you.

Another very interesting experience. Focusing on inspiration, breathe and paint flowers in color. Also, you can try to admire the paintings and breathe deeply (into the stomach), calmly and evenly. Then you can delve into the work with breathing through essential oils.

For example, orange and tangerine uplifts, rosemary gives more energy, and lavender soothes. There is also the individual relationship of your Soul with fragrances, which is undoubtedly worthy of study.

Start by observing your breathing throughout the day, and when you fall asleep and wake up.

Also, breathing affects sleep. It is worth singing with your breath before going to bed, and you will start to sleep more calmly and well. Slow smooth inhale (deep) with a soothing sound, and the same exhale. The sound should go by itself. Remember how mother sings a lullaby without words, she sings it with her breath, and the child calms down.

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