About the manifestation of a God

A writer writes a book, thus being a God he creates destinies, events, grants Life or brings Death. A painter paints a picture and creates events, people and nature. A dollmaker gives birth to a doll, creates a new Life and image.

Who are they all? They are Gods. Different but Gods and it’s not about an allegory, it’s the truth. The Soul is a God living inside of the Temple which is a physical Body, the Soul wants to create (can you remember the behaviour of children). But someone can hear his Soul, while someone cannot.

People are used to seeing the God only in religion and they don’t even think that they are Gods. Religion is a tool for sheep (it is written in the scriptures) and slaves (the other name for people) have no right to think that they are Gods.

Start creating, study the universe and resurrect the key point of the memory of your Soul – your Soul is a God.

Wake up! When you feel that you are the God, many things will change and will be different. It’s paramount for your Soul, otherwise it will be enslaved by the religious and social systems.

I tried to explain your essence clearly, but if you have any further questions, comment below the article and I will give answers.

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