about us

About us

My name is Alyona Polun, for many years I’ve been keeping warm Faith for you. Every year I thought it was high Time to tell you the truth, to bring the people their initial Faith back. But the Earth kept saying that the moment had not come yet.

On 6th of April 2019 the Earth said I could finally speak. I’m happy for those who found this website as you have found the Faith. As the Faith is one, it cannot be divided because of nationality.

On this website I will not describe any theory of world’s or human creation, prophets of the past. I will describe the things you can check immediately.

I’m not the One who came to save everyone from something.

I came as the holder of knowledge which is to be passed to you and this knowledge is not about someone, it’s about you. Just think for a moment you’ve got no idea where you’ve come from and where you’ll return to. Each religion or teaching gives different explanations. I will not bring you some else’s ideas and help to comprehend Holy books written by someone. I will make you recall what you already know and this knowledge belongs to you. To live, we came to live. This word contains a lot. But everyone happened to forget it and decided to suffer accepting this fate. I’ve come to the Earth with my experience, rather wide one, but only now, in this incarnation, I am ready to give you the keys from yourselves. The Faith has come back!

Lets wake up!