Alcohol addiction is curable

In order to realize and achieve a recovery, it is necessary to establish what is the cause of alcoholism. So, the causes and really effective ways to treat alcohol addiction are established!

The causes of alcoholism are:

  • The main reason for alcohol addiction is the lack of meaning in life. Moreover, it does not matter at all if a person is very rich or very poor. Do you think that rich people have meaning in life? No, they don’t have the meaning of life either. Often, to ease the soul, rich people, without analyzing what is going on (though they are able to analyze), fall into religion and believe that they have found the meaning in life.
  • Family demons. If there were heavy drinkers in a family, then they can pass the demons to others.
  • Hard soul injury and therefore escape from oneself by means of disabling consciousness.

The rehabilitation of heavy drinkers by various centers is reduced mainly to psychological consulting, the inability to acquire alcohol and immersion in religion.

Let’s look at all the ways to treat alcoholism in rehabilitation centers:

  1. Psychological assistance from alcohol addiction
    Psychology is the science about soul. Although the science about soul does not know anything, it exists. The psychologist is searching for the problem of a person, analyzes it with a person by mostly talking to him. What do most of the people need? Exactly communiction. Is there any result? — No.
  2. Religion. Here comes a contract by which the soul of a person is mortgaged to a religious egregore in exchange for healing from alcoholism. Does it help? More often yes than no. Only the payment is too high: now an alcoholic becomes a slave of the religion and he owes it during all his life and after death. If he stops paying back, then not only alcohol addiction will come back but also all spheres of life will be ruined. How to pay debts? To pray every day (religious prayer strongly sucks the energy from a person to religion). To work for the church and give most of earned money to it.

In fact, religion helps you escape from yourself. But do you have to run away?

Alcohol addiction is cured when family demons are expelled and the meaning of life is found. All this eliminates the true causes of alcoholism, and gives complete recovery.

Do you know the meaning of life?

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  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 10:47

    It is very interesting to read, and most importantly, everything is clear and understandable. I haven’t been drinking alcohol for a long time, but I often hear about problems from others. I wonder if overeating/gluttony is also a kind of escape from yourself by disabling consciousness?! Because when overeating, the brain also «turns off» to some extent. Thank you for the article.

  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    23.03.2020 at 17:13

    The addiction is really terrible. And it’s important to see its source.