Ancient pagan Gods of the Slavs

The Slavs, like other peoples, had their own beliefs before the advent of Christianity. Like any people, the Slavs deified nature, and saw God behind every aspect of life. Pagans! That’s the way the priests called them, and very soon that name caught on with people and became associated with something bad.

Meanwhile, pagans are peoples professing folk beliefs. There is nothing wrong with folk beliefs, they form traditions based on the mentality of a certain people. Folk religion includes a lot of knowledge about cosmology and nature, but it is simplified for better understanding by people.

Ancient Gods of the Slavs could have been on Earth as human beings for some time, for their importance and trace were firmly settled in the Russian language. For example, Russian verb «lad-it’» (to get along) has derived from the name of Goddess Lada, and Russian adjective «rod-noi” (native) has derived from the name of God Rod (Kin), one of the cult Slavic Gods. Realizing that every Kin («Rod» in Russian) had its Forefathers («Pra-rod-iteli» which is a derivative from «Rod» in Russian), people deified a Family Tree and named it «Rod» in Russian (Kin).
In any case, Gods influenced the formation of language of any people.

Slavic Native Faith (or Rodnoverie) today is a modern religion, but nowadays, the cult Gods of the Slavs are no longer here. Do you have doubts? Look around.

But the Forefathers left us a powerful energy of the language.Through the language we interact with them and each people has own Forefathers. The Forefathers are the ancient Gods.If you are a Slav, then your Forefathers are Slavic Gods. But, believe me, appealing to Gods through dubious rites with Magi, pagan temples, is irrelevant and stupid. Your Forefathers interact with you through your Kin, you should understand it and learn to contact them. Unfortunately, newly revived Slavic religion leads a person to poverty and stupidity, for this religion embodies poverty and stupidity. I will give you an example – imagine an ignorant bumpkin and a loose woman (these images are popular among modern Slavic followers). What would they like to do in Life? He would like to cut down a birch, and she would like to have sex. I do not use the F-word here, but I think you understand what I mean. Look at the Slavs’ wild celebrations, and everything will become clear.

But again, if you are a Slav (though there’s no more purebloods left), it is important for you to learn to interact with the ancient Slavic Gods as they are your Forefathers.

In my next articles I will reveal more information about Kin and Forefathers.

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  • maura
    27.02.2021 at 23:57

    Dear Alena, thank you so much for this article! There is so much fuss about this revived Slavism now. You gave a clear picture of what is it in its essence! You arevthe first who tell aboit Forefathers as the creators of human Kin!

  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    05.03.2021 at 13:06

    Thank you for the information! It’s not an easy thing to find anything worth attention when it comes to Slavs.