Annulation of a church wedding vow

To understand if there is a ritual to annulate a church wedding vow, how is the annulation process going and who does it. We should talk about weddings.

Wedding is the oldest ritual, existing on the Earth since the very beginning of family unions. Wedding symbolizes the coronation of a husband and a wife respectively. Thus, the just married aquired a new Status («Chin» in russian language): status of a husband («Muzh», «MuzhChina» in russian language) and status of a wife («ZhenChina»). But later the word Zhenchina (wife) became «Zhenshina», thus, a woman was divested of her Status.

So, through the wedding, the just married received energy with the Status to create a family. The ritual had the force in poor and rich families, though wreaths in poor families were made of flowers, and in rich families were made of gold, but in both variants wreaths beared the energy of the Sun.

The wreath (as crown) help to gather the Sun energy and the wreaths which are made on the holiday of Kupaylo also gather the energy of the Sun. I will tell you about it in other articles.

Later, when religions came, the wedding became a religious vow before religion.

After divorce (divorce happens in most cases after church wedding), a woman more often than a man thinks about how to get free from the church wedding vow. Some churches even offer such service as annulation of a church wedding vow. But remember, the church had no such ritual for annulation a wedding vow, I’m telling you this as a specialist in religions. Untill the next church council which oficially stated the annulation ritual, because it was highly demanded.

To go through annulation ritual of a wedding vow or not is for you to decide, of course. But this ritual will not free you fom the bridal vow. Maybe, there is nothing wrong to marry somebody else after church wedding vow to another man, isn’t it? A church wedding is a vow before a religious egregore. Egregore is the religion (I explain it to those who still think that religion is something divine).

If you break a vow, you will be punished.

And this is at the discretion of religion.


  1. Eternal loneliness.
  2. The new husband drinks, beats a wife and further down the list.
  3. Infertility.

The list can be endless. Thus, the church wedding vow should be not annulated formally, but removed from you. But it should be done not with fake church annulation but with the help of real ritual. Such ritual does exist and it is the only one. KRASHENIE is the only ritual which will free you from all religious vow, includding church wedding, but on condition that you no longer want to be in a sheep flock controlled by shepherd in a cassock (to belong to any religion).

To learn more about Krashenie you can in this article
To sign up for krashenie

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  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 15:08

    Good business was invented by the priests: there is no annulation of a church wedding vow in religion, but the service is provided. Funny guys, though! Now it is clear why the crown should be golden — the color of the Sun. I’ve never thought about the significance of the crown before. I’ve just thought of it as an attribute. It turns out that in life everything is not simple. Everything has meaning, mission and purpose. After reading the article, I discovered another set of meanings. Thanks.

  • starcom
    09.02.2021 at 08:54

    Sure, all religious rites are done to make people suffer. Annulating the wedding vow, religions loose their energy «food». Why would they do it? It goes against their intentions. If we come back to Faith, we’ll deprive religions of «food»! Religions will dissappear and we’ll forget about this horrible time and shame. I’m glad, I had Krashenie ritual! Now I’m free of religious vows and slavery. Thank You, Alyona Polun!!!