Wheel of Time


One more important date in the natural cycle of the Wheel of Time. We see that the name of the holiday is about some good news that is to be ‘annunciated’(archaic form for ‘announce’). On April 7 the nature announces the beginning of a new life with its streams and good news is spreading everywhere. At this Time, if you listen to the Earth and Heaven, everything rings, and bird trills, like small bells, are spread everywhere. Winter is gone.

The period of Death and Darkness is over, and we enter into the period of birth and joy. The good news is everywhere. The Spring is on the way, so give it a way. At this Time, the best goals are conceived, and the soul vibrates with overflowing energy. Open yourself to this wonderful chime of the Annunciation.

Open the windows and let the good news come into your home.

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn

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