Wheel of Time


August is coming to its end and the Time of the Assumption is coming. Let’s see what period we are talking about.

Assumption is a quiet death like a dream, later religions will denote the death of the righteous with this word.

I will move a little away from the topic and give meaning to the word “righteous”.

Leading right, or even more thoroughly, knowing the path of Ra, as can be seen from the essence of the word, it does not mean a religious person.

Let’s come back to the Assumption. August leads nature to falling asleep, the fields are tired and the forests are no longer ringing with leaves as before, the birds aren’t singing spring songs, everything is in peace, in preparation for autumn. In fact, since the Assumption Autumn meets with Summer profoundly. On August 28 we enter the period of tranquility of nature in the Assumption.

Later the Assumption will become a religious holiday and the date of the Assumption of the Virgin. You can read about the Virgin in the article Introduction.

Faithful mother, Alyona Polyn

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