Today I want to talk to you about awareness. In order to do this, we need to learn about such a word as “consciousness”.

So, consciousness is a joint knowledge with someone, I wrote about this earlier, and therefore I refer you to the corresponding article on the site. Knowing the meaning of the word “consciousness”, we are ready to go further and understand what awareness is. In Russian “consciousness” is “soznanie”, “awareness” is “osoznanie”. The letter O (in the word “osoznanie”) is the symbol of the Origin, consciousness is your joint knowledge with … attention, with the Origin.

How is it? Awareness is the perception of everything, from the initial understanding, and not under the filters of systems and people. To put it simply, a conscious person is a person who feels himself completely, feels the world that surrounds him, and his feelings and vision of the world and himself are true and original.

Today people knowing nothing about themselves seek refuge in different religious systems, and then, immediately after birth, integrate their children into the same system. In addition, there are a number of levers such as society, environment, and so on.

Nothing remains of awareness, and consciousness becomes joint knowledge with the social system (made for the masses), religion and other attitudes.

It is necessary to return to awareness!

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