Ayat of Love

Today, I will start telling you about the Ayats (verses). But first of all, I need to reveal the essence of this word to you. In the Arabic language, the word «Ayat» means a «sign», a «portent»or a «miracle».

The essence of words is deeply enrooted in the variety of world languages, which then convey it to one another. In the Russian language, the word «ayat» means a manifestation of the Spirit for an individual; in other words, a «portent» or a «sign» intended for one specific person. So, it turns out that the word’s meaning does not change.

Ayat is a conversation with the Universe in which it answers with signs.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to talk to the universe about love.

Light up a candle (not the one from a church) and read:

«Everything around me is filled with love, and in love my word
will come true.
Everything around me responds with love, and with love the Universe
is blessing me.
All-good love surrounds me; all-good love nourishes me.

Chant this 12 times.

Let the candle burn out, and soon enough you will see the answer from the Universe.

Also, love will manifest itself as the love of your nearest and dearest as well as the love you need from the outside world.

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