Belt of the Blessed Virgin

First of all, I want to warn everyone that in this article there is not a single word about religion, but only about Faith.

The Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God, her name is Mara. In the human form we call her Mary. Mary gives birth to a son, her son is Light, or Ra, hence Mara is the Mother of Ra. This is Faith, something that came to us from the Origin, and, unfortunately, is increasingly leaving the visible and clear to everyone truth for a falsehood that cannot be proven by anything, and it is based on myths.

As you can imagine, we are talking about the belt of Mara, the Mother of Ra. What kind of belt is this? The belt of the Blessed Virgin is on … the belly, where else is the belt to be, and the belly symbolizes Life. So, Mara’s belt is the protection of Life, its strengthening and amulet. Each woman gives birth to a child and becomes a Goddess, and, giving life to a person, leads him to the Light.

Look deeper. So, you, women (in the Rank of wife), can weave a belt for yourself, which will save your life, the life of your children and your husbands. Thus, by the way, ritualism with belts with various patterns arose in Rus’. Belts have a special Power in all cultures, and their later descendant, the leather belt, also has considerable Power, bringing special energies with iconic jewelry. A beautiful meaningful leather belt or a belt made by yourself and filled with Power by your prayers protects Life.

Create your own belt of the Blessed Virgin, which has nothing to do with the myths of religions, but brings joy and fullness of Life.

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