Breaking of heart and Spirit

The topic of my article today is very important, and I’d ask you to read it thoroughly several times.

Breaking of Spirit as well as breaking of heart as a sacrifice to a god is an integral part of interaction with religion. I assume crucial to explain you what breaking is in general and what breaking as the sacrifice is.

‘Sokrushenie’ (breaking) in Russian implies the word ‘krushenie’, which means breakdown of something on a global scale. For example, ‘krushenie samoleta’ (plane crash). I think you understand the consequences of such accident. In Russian the syllable ‘so’ is added to the word ‘sokrushenie’, which symbolizes the joint actions in the Russian language. For example, ‘sochuvstvie’ (empathy) in Russian is a joint feeling (‘chuvstvovanie’) of pain with someone about his trouble. So ‘sokrushenie’ (breaking) in Russian is a joint action with someone intended to break something.

‘Sokrushenie serdtsa’ in Russian is a heartbreak. It is a heart pain, a rhythm failure and, accordingly, serious health problems. The manifestation of this trouble in life is painful relationship with loved ones, even up to their loss.

‘Sokrushenie Dukha’ in Russian is breaking of Spirit. Many people do not even know what Spirit is. Spirit is a mobile substance that moves through the body by means of breathing and brings the energy and information from the Kin. For religious people the interaction with the Kin is broken. That’s why it is said that they have a poor Spirit. But honestly speaking they no longer have any human Spirit.

So ‘sokrushit’ Dukh’ in Russian means to break the Spirit, to deprive a person of Life and leave him under torture, because if the Spirit is broken, the soul begins to convulse suffocating. Hence the state of anxiety, panic attacks, feeling of emptiness, suicide and desire for help from a certain god originate. In such painful way a person is brought to religion by torture. A person begins to lose everything (work, relatives, health) as when the Spirit is broken almost everything is lost. ‘Sokrushenie” (breaking) in Russian is a joint collapse (‘krushenie’) with someone, I stated it above.

So who helps a person to break the Spirit and the heart… god, yes, the same religious god. What for? He does not conceal it as it is a sacrifice to him. Why would he make such sacrifice? He becomes stronger, but man weakens and from now on will remain his slave forever. Is god love? No, of course, not, the religious god is not a Creator or an invented savior, the religious god is the evil created to control and enslave people.

And now there is an excerpt of the scriptures about this god:
“A broken spirit is a sacrifice to God; you will not despise a broken and humble heart, oh God.” Ps. 50:19

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