Wheel of Time


The word itself has very ancient roots and means the meeting of the old with the young. Of course, we are talking about the meeting of Winter with Spring. February, ending the cycle of frosts, reveals over and over again that Spring is just around the corner. Today the Sun shines, tomorrow there are drippings, the day after tomorrow snow covers the roads again. It is only a meeting, Spring has not entered its rights yet.

Candlemas was previously celebrated on February 2, now is it celebrated on February 15. We are looking forward to meeting the young beautiful Spring in February.

At Candlemas rituals of the first call for Spring were performed, at the energy level, this is the period of rejection of the old and unnecessary in order to enter the new Time.

Candlemas is a celebration of the nature when the wheel hasn’t completely turned yet but looks towards Spring, and we remove dirt from the road so that nothing could interfere with our life wheel.

Now you know what Candlemas is.

Faithful Mother, Alyona Polyn

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