Chakras as a life support system.

In this article we will talk about the work of the chakras, I will call them so only for your convenience, because the correct name in Russian is [charas].

Well, perhaps, everyone knows the main 7 chakras. Let’s start the story with them.

Chakras are accumulating and distributing energy points in the body, but we do not receive subtle energy specifically with them, they only serve to accumulate and distribute energy. These are tanks or storages, as you prefer. The main energy flows come from above — this is Heaven, and from Earth — through the legs. That is, the upper and lower streams. Both of them flow down the spine, of course, there are two more lateral — also the main streams, they are conventionally called male and female. On the right is male, and on the left is female. These streams have a natural link with the source of feminine or masculine.

There are many energy channels in the body, such as through which energy is distributed. In China, they even have a name — meridians. Based on the knowledge of meridians, Chinese medicine is successful in acupuncture and cigar burning. That is, it can be argued that this knowledge is not a novelty, not a delusion, and certainly not a myth.

We will delve into the main chakras and… consciously direct energy there.

We breathe and just think about the chakra, sending our love to it. This is the first thing to do. But the second is to send love to the World from the chakra. Have you tried it? What is the result?

Our breath is a carrier of energy. More precisely, inhaling brings energy, and exhaling cleanses the body.
It’s good to breathe where there is a lot of energy.

The energy translators of the house are Altars, special figures that inspire you, paintings, flowers.

By the way, flowers in the house give the energy of Wood and Earth, they are the most grounding and giving streams for health. Try to breathe by focusing on the chakras, next to the flowers.

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