Wheel of Time


Let’s talk about the period of the birth of the Sun and why exactly this period is called Christmas.

On the 20th of December the day begins to increase and the night decreases, and nature meets the new young Sun. At the energy level we understand that the Virgin Mara (see the article Introduction) gives birth to Light – Ra, and the day begins to increase.

In the Temple of Virgin her born son – Ra, in other words, Light, – appears. The Time of the year turns the eternal wheel to the energy of the new, to the energy of birth. At this Time it is customary to perform rituals for the birth of the new, which echoes and is preserved in the traditions of reading a fortune because reading a fortune means to give way. In Russian “reading a fortune” is gadat’. Ga is a way, dat’ is to give. Reading a fortune helped to understand how to act, in other words, which way to go.

With the advent of Christianity, people began to celebrate Christmas from January 7, but if we look from the perspective of energy, the period of birth and active energy of the Birth of the Virgin lasts from December 21 to January 7.

The birth of the Sun is a bright phenomenon in the Time wheel, and a very energy-intensive event for people.

Faithful Mother, Alyona Polyn

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  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 11:47

    Interesting knowledge, especially that to read fortunes= to give the way. I already know about the energy-intensive period from December 21 to January 07 from Alena’s conferences. The main thing is to use these days correctly. Thank you for the article.