Christmastide – the New Year period

Today we will talk about the magical New Year Time. The solstice is on December 21. After it the period of the “new Sun” begins, of course, this is allegorical. Many peoples believed that our Sun was born again, and the old one was dying. But if we look at the Time Wheel, knowing what is happening in nature, we will understand that the Sun is entering a new cycle.

This is felt most strongly in early January. The birth of the Sun was a Christmas holiday, and was celebrated on a grand scale by all peoples, from about December 22 to mid-January. With the advent of religions the holiday could not be cancelled, it was too significant. And then a new mythological story about the birth of Jesus was created. Well, there it is!

Let’s go back to Christmatide. The days of the New Year, and this is how the period of the young Sun was called, were illuminated by our Luminary, therefore they were revered as holy days, abbreviated as “Christmastide”. It is important to remember that the holiness and suffering of religions are incompatible at all.

Why is it customary to make fortune-telling on Christmastide, and there is even a whole line of Christmas fortune-telling?

Fortune-telling is gadat’ in Russian. Ga is syllable responsible for the road, dat’ is to give, everything is clear here. Fortune-telling served as a viewing of the path of life, and in the New Year the Sun especially told everything. And Jesus … and he has nothing to do with it, religion is generally against fortune-telling, for everything is God’s will, and there is no human will because slaves have no will, they are obliged to serve the master.

Fortune-telling in the New Year a person understood how to build his path properly.


Another interesting tradition that has come to us in a warped form. Caroling is a holiday of Time, people rejoiced and celebrated the continuation of Life. They dressed up in bright clothes, rang bells, hung bright ribbons at home and on the street, set tables and lit fires.

They danced in circles (this is a symbol of the Sun), sang songs. They went on a visit with sweets, gifts and songs. The songs were ceremonial. In other words, they called on certain Forces to get what they wanted. Later, in Slavism, songs of damnation and outfits of scarecrows appeared.

How to meet the New Year properly?

  1. Decorate the house;
  2. Light bright candles;
  3. Compose traditional familt songs;
  4. Be sure to buy bells and ring them;
  5. Hang bright ribbons on the windows;
  6. Ask for a review of your life path. There is a Parapsychological Center for this.

An example of a ritual song:

“The bells are ringing,
Day after day in a row, in a row.
Joy comes to my house,
It finds each of us.
The bells are ringing
And telling us about happiness.
Ding dong, ding dong,
Let the house be full of joy“. 

As you can see, they are the simplest words with a wish for joy accompanied by the ringing of bells. If you learn to properly meet the New Year, joy will be your companion.

I wish you blessing!

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  • maura
    05.02.2021 at 17:46

    This is a completely new vision of holidays and their origin! Yes, almost all holidays were changed by religions and lost their initial natural meaning. Thank you for reviving the true nature of holidays!