A terrible state when a person neither dead nor alive. A coma is a state of being when the thread of Life is stretched out, and the Soul is not within the body, but next to it. The soul does not leave the body completely, but it does not go back inside of the body either.

A woman contacted my Health care centre with a request for help to her child. Her son was in a coma. In such cases I grant my help free of charge, but one must also make an effort to return the Soul into the body.

I give you the mother’s prayer for a child if he/she is in a coma:

«I ask the Soul of my child
to return into the body.
I am the Mother, I am meant to bring Life,
I return (name of the child) his/her Life, I Bless!»

Read these lines breathing into the photograph of your child.

If your loved one is in a coma, but not a child, you can read the following:

«I ask your Sour (name of the person) to return to the body.
Return to the body (name of the person), bring yourself together. Truly!»

Read while breathing into the photograph.

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