Comprehension of God

Genuine and true comprehension of God is possible only through god’s manifestation. When God is manifested in you, you become God yourself. For people who have mired in religions for many years, God is an external phenomenon, someone who punishes and saves.

Our Souls, descending on Earth, get a human body to acquire the experience of God. We all are gods, or rather, our Soul is God. The Soul needs a physical body to get an experience. The Souls, of course, have different level of development and often a person renounces God within himself in favor of an external religious being.

The gods communicate with each other and people get to know each other, creating events. An event ‘So-bytie’ in Russian that means ‘sovmestnoe bytie’ is a coexistence in English. People also communicate with those who are in the shell of animals, birds, some may communicate with Gods which have no human shell, which are not manifested (I’m talking about advanced practitioners), of course, I don’t mean a religious god.

Human Souls have different level of the Divinity, that is why we are different, and those who have renounced their divine nature, those who no longer have the Divinity and their religious slavery is eternal, have a carnal level. Matter in this case will decompose, and the Soul being a slave of religion, will get nothing but the cage.

Our task is to study ourselves, our Soul, to serve it in the right way. The serving is performed with our body, because the body is the Temple of the Soul.

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    28.02.2022 at 10:33

    Thank you for your labor-intensive and important work !
    Please make translation PRAYER FOR THE END OF THE WAR and translation of Alyona Polin’s article «How to escape from the war». My foreign friends wants to help, to read prayers to establish Peace in the World. I am from Ukraine??Thank you!