We use the word ‘Consciousness’ rather often but without any delving into its meaning, while ‘conscious’ derives from the Latin verb ‘conscius’, where ‘con’ means ‘with’ and ‘scio’ means ‘to know’. Thus we can see that ‘consciousness’ means ‘knowing with others, to have joint or common knowledge with another’. Here I’d like to delve into the essence of ‘con’ and ‘sciousness’.

‘Con’ as you have already seen is a connecting syllable. It specifies that more than one type of energy (not just one person) is involved in the process.

Knowledge is acquired information. The meaning is, of course, relative and we will dive deeper into its essence in another article.

People get different type of knowledge and have this ‘con’ connection with various sources. This is what I would like to draw your attention to in this article.

  1. People. People receive information from general resources created for the masses. The purpose of such sources is to form a specific point of view for the masses, dictate artificial material and spiritual values with consequent formation of a lifestyle. The function of such knowledge is to lead the crowd of weak-willed and unstable sheep (religion calls people this way). The leverages vary from the media to religions. In this system people occupy different cells, since the perception and the amount of information that ‘sheep’ can process are different. It depends on the type of activity, place of residence, family, etc. Knowledge that is impossible to percept because of its severity and depth is simply rejected.
  2. Knowledge joint with any Deity (God), religion, etc. Here we are not about the flock praying to some god or considering themselves to be adherents of some religion. We’ve depicted this type in point 1. We are talking about monks, holy fathers, lamas, etc. Their perception of the world might be rather great and deep, but only within the framework of joint knowledge with a certain religion or god. Beyond this cage they will never see anything and even obvious inconsistencies in holy scriptures are invisible to them. Their consciousness is not capable of refuting the doctrine that already sits deep in them. Besides them in this category we can also see various sorcerers practicing some occult system or religion, for example, Satanism as the other side of Christianity, which is not even suspected, because inside of the doctrine or religion they can possess only allowed knowledge.
  3. Joint knowledge with the Initial Source. Such ability to percept information directly outside of teachings and religions is rather rare, alas. ‘Faith’ is the word attached to religion but having nothing in common with it. Faith is the comprehension and perception of Ra Light, the energy flows from the Initial Source.

It is difficult to take a step out and leave the sheep trail, but it is possible! Think about who you have shared knowledge with.

Faithful Mother, Alena Polyn.

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  • starcom
    18.02.2021 at 09:13

    It is so scary to realize that person can be led as a sheep. Now I understand the essence of the word consciousness and the importance of who you have consciousness with. I obviously don’t want to be one of the mindless mass. I’m happy the Faith came back, because Faith brings us back to Life.