Conversation about holiday

The original meaning of words has been lost long since. Word stems in the Russian language, which are to reflect the essence and meaning of words, have lost their function.

Today I’m going to discuss ‘holiday’.

‘РАЗговор’ — [RAZgovor] is a Russian word for ‘conversation’.

‘пРАЗдник’ — [pRAZdnik] is a Russian word for ‘holiday’.

If you see ‘RAZ’ syllable in the word, it means this word contains the energy of Initial Light God — RAZ.

Let’s start with ‘conversation’.

Conversation is an act of communication between people, while speech is mostly about personal speaking ability and its features. Energy system is formed due to energy flows arising during the conversation.

Energy or its sparks appear inside of a person and then they’re coming and spreading out as energy flows, specifically the flows of God RAZ. That’s where the word (‘RAZgovor’ — conversation) came from. So, the speech filled with God RAZ energy is conversation. The sentence might seem a bit strange in terms of stylistics but it reveals the truth.

Speech is a gift and its vibrations are able to change one’s life.

Now, let’s move on to ‘holiday’.

‘пРАЗдник’ — [pRAZdnik] is a Russian word for ‘holiday’.

Holiday is a path of God Raz, it gives people more wealth and energy. What is it all about? It is about wealth. We gain the material assets from Mother Earth by means of special instruments of our destiny and holiday is one of those instruments. Holiday is a day filled with a special Force due to natural phenomena, social holiday or family traditions (the article devoted to the word ‘tradition’ will be published soon).

On such day people set the table in a special way, certain rites are performed to obtain the earthly possessions.

Nowadays, holiday has turned into a mindless binge, traditions became a thing of the past and few people understand the concept of a rite. I’ll tell you more about rites and traditions in the following articles.

True — Faith Mother, Alena Polyn.

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  • maura
    28.02.2021 at 00:10

    Thank you for this conversation about holiday! Befor it, I haven’t thought of holidays as the possibility to gain some material assets. You share with us vitally important things for happy living in your articles!

  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    05.03.2021 at 13:22

    Great article! Thank you fir the explanation. Words are so powerful. We should understand their roots and meanings. It gives brand new vision of the world.