Curbing the tongue

Curbing the tongue is a must if you want to save energy and grow spiritually. The tongue is very playful and can chat without stopping. When a person is chatty, he loses energy. And what do you need energy for?

To maintain the health of the body.
To achieve goals.
For any matter.
That is, you spend your energy, which you need so much, on empty talk.

The reason for this is that you do not know how to bridle the tongue. For example, you called a friend to clarify the recipe for a certain dish, the recipe was clarified and … you both began to discuss mutual and non-common acquaintances, politics, etc.

That is, most of the conversation was about nothing, you did not receive  knowledge and information, but you lost energy. In childhood and adolescence, there is a lot of energy and you can “twitter”, but with age, energy must be saved, there’s less energy and more challenges.

Saving the energy will help you to achieve goals quickly, heal and even strengthen your defenses. Because it is easier to attack a de-energized person. I mean energy vampires, curses and other negative programs.

How to curb the tongue?

Pay attention to who, what and why you spoke. It is also worth accustoming yourself to think, to reflect. Watch educational videos and read books.

Very often, talkativeness of people manifests itself at work. Instead of focusing on actions, they begin to discuss something. Basically the personal Life of other employees, and sometimes the boss. In this case, the work is carried out inattentively, and the attitude to Time is disrespectful. After all, this Time has been given to you for work, and not for chatter.

I had a case in the Zdravnitsa Polyn (Health Resort Polyn), I turned on the camera and saw that my employees were chatting and laughing about nothing. Understanding human weakness, I did not make a remark right away. But by chance, nevertheless, I indicated that I had seen the chatter and this is a disrespect for Time. But, a little later, I saw the same situation again, my employees were still chatting and laughing at work. This Time I made a remark and clarified that the Opening Hours are for work. The days flew by and now, the team has changed a long time ago, but I saw on the Internet a reproach that I do not allow to chat.

Alas, this situation shows that most people do not understand that empty talk drains energy. You become useless to yourself and to those who depends on you. In my case, I was an employer and dependent on employees.

Therefore, take your speech seriously, manage your energy without throwing it into empty chatter.

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