Dedicated to atheists

How often I began to hear the proud and arrogant “and I am an atheist”, “I do not care about all sorts of religions, I believe only in myself”. There is no limit to my joy, because these are people who are no longer ready to believe in the mythology of religions, who are already beginning to think reasonably. Faith in yourself is Faith in World. In fact, this is the most real Faith, when we believe in the one we understand and see, in ourselves. No, they are not atheists, they are simply not interested in the mythology of religions, cruelty and inhumanity, they are against regression into the past, they want development and Life, and not suffering and slavery for the sake of mythological stories.

If young men and women grew up in an environment of freedom and in a secular state, there is no compulsory burden of religion, they think freely and understand that they are not ready to give up rationality in favor of someone’s beliefs that are incompatible with real life. Faith in oneself is always Faith in the world, because a person is guided by space and Time, and learns to interact with them. It is customary to call people atheists outside of religion, but who told you that god is in religion, but he is not in man?

The difference between religion and Faith is that religion is a system created by people (it was not god who wrote the book and said to kill infidels and make sacrifices), but Faith is knowing (knowledge) of Ra (the currents of the Luminaries). That is, Faith is what we see and understand, and we learn to use this knowledge for Life.

Someone does not see Heaven and Earth?! And since we see this, it means we do not need myths and someone’s ideas, we want to Live in this world, feeling it on our own. The atheist simply denies religion and does not know anything about Faith yet, but already intuitively at the level of the Soul where he believes in himself, and the body is the Temple of the Soul, and the body serves the Soul. This means that an atheist is not an atheist, not one who goes to hell, created in the myths of religions, but one who follows the path of development, giving the world new creations and discoveries.

And while one prays to a mythological creature that wants victims and is diligently suffering in servility, the other creates everything that people use, and this helps them in life (by the way, religious people use phones, cameras, cars, computers perfectly, although they themselves have presented nothing to people). So who is good in this truth of life?!

My advice to all the inhabitants of religions, if you have chosen this path, do not want to know anything about the Faith and are ready to stay in religion further, so you do not need to use for your own good what those who you burned and tortured in the Inquisition (knowledgeable people, doctors, scientists, rich, beautiful people and simply the ones who does not will to vegetate life) created. And now you consider such people to be atheists and threaten, hate, and think that they have a road to hell. Your existence is clouded by mythological stories and the writings of the prophets, who called themselves that, and atheists want to Live and create joy. Different paths, different roads, but Life often brings one and the other together so that the blind man can see how many interesting things there are in the world, but in response the blind man tries to gouge out the eyes of the sighted (literally and figuratively).

I am glad that the young generation of doctors, teachers, scientists, politicians, writers, who have risen on the foundation of a secular state and a full-fledged education, is the Power of those countries that have removed the chains of religions and given freedom of choice.

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  • joker
    26.11.2020 at 14:05

    True. I used to be an atheist. I just could not believe religious nonsense. Now I absorb the information on this website and begin to see how far the understanding of the world might go.

  • lagerthaeng
    05.01.2021 at 18:01

    Before finding Alena Polyn I was calling myself atheist too. I was aware of harm and falsity of religions since childhood, but I could not structurize all my knowledges in one.
    It is very important to find way to real Faith after being an atheist, otherwise even atheistic way can bring the one to the wrong direction, where everything is denied and where «world was created by no one and from nothing by the big explosion»