Development and its importance in human life

To understand the role of mental development in humans’ life we are to understand first what humans are, how they have evolved and what are the inner factors of human evolution.

Human (‘hu’ from ‘hundred’ and ‘man’ from ‘man’, describing the time limits we are to live) bodies are given to us just for a century. What is next? Next we are to be born again as humans but with all the acquired in previous life illnesses or we can evolve and progress. Generally nobody wants to progress as evolving to a higher level than a human is complicated, while regressing is way easier. It’s true, you may loose the human form and be born as an animal or loose your form completely.

What and how humans evolve? What kind of holistic evolution of a human being is discussed by gurus?

Let’s start with our brain activity. Human brain is rather limited in terms of its functions, while human mind is capable of creation. Why? Because mind is the brain activity fulfilled with Ra light flows.

The halo depicted above the heads of Holy people is Ra Light. That Pure Light or halo cannot be obtained by means of suffering, but through interaction with Ra energy flows with specific abilities allowing to accumulate such energy. Please read the article ‘How to become Holy’ for more information.

You can discover the ability of accumulating the Light through Krashenie rite (Krashenie is a rite unfolding your ability to obtain Ra, Pure Light).

Magnanimous is a term applicable to a soul concept (‘magnanimous’ comes from Latin magnus ‘great’ and animus ‘soul’). Maturing more and more the soul becomes finally great. Can you feel your soul? How to make your soul great? At this point we usually hear lots of words about nothing.

Can you underhand the sense of ‘inner self-development’ statement?

Your soul grows by means of Spirits. Spirit is the energy coming to you from your Kin (such explanation is absolute). For those who were baptized or initiated into some religion there’s no way to make their soul great. The point is that you have religious spirit instead of your Kin’s spirit, moreover there’s no human will, only god’s one.

By the way, will is the Power arising from your soul and directed to the world, this very power allows you to act and achieve your goals. Now recall the expression ‘all goes by the god’s will’ meaning that all religious people have no will and no spirit. Generally speaking, there’s no development for a human being in religions, humans are nothing more than batteries for religion.

When our souls and mind evolve, when we develop not only our brain but spirit and will we can say that humanity follows the path of mental development. Faith teaches to understand yourselves and the inner factors of the evolution of humans and outer world. The concept of inner self-development means coping with yourself.

Imagine that you are on a special mission on planet Earth. If you do not complete your human level for any reasons, for you are either lazy or have been trapped by a religion, on the next level you will loose everything. How? You will be born with a bleak future. By the way, your merits determine the future of your children.

Are you ready to act? To learn how? Or you will follow the stream wherever your body might go.

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