It’s not a secret that we spend half of our life in a dream. It means that a dream is an integral part of our life and the border with death. Well, now let’s see more details: what is the role of dreams, is there any truth in them and is it possible to control them.

SON (S-ON in Russian; «with Him» in Engl.) a being of the divine level who does not have audible name, it is more like Echo and therefore I use «He» when addressing him. I will post His image in the article. Please, note, that no one previously painted Him and only in January 2020, the painter Polina Rusakova, according to my descriptions, was able to transfer the Image on a paper. So you got the opportunity to see Him. A person perceives the world through images, and in order to understand who I’m talking about, you need an image.

Dreams of Truth or prophetic dreams are not common for ordinary people, but still sometimes they see them. These are rare cases where your deceased relatives or He warns you of a danger or an important event. Of course, prophetic dreams are most typical for those who have developed intuition. You can read about intuition and its development in the article «Intuition».

Lucid dreams or controlled dreaming is when you can “order” a dream to answer your global questions.
The role of dreaming is in two main functions:

  1. Brain reload and rest of a physical body.
  2. Receiving of information and even new discoveries

Don’t you know that images of paintings, poems and many other things can come in a dream?

Dreaming is the mysterious sphere of our life, where we, disconnecting from reality, take our consciousness away from the material world and direct somewhere else. He guides everyone the individual road, there are no identical roads.

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3 комментария

  • maura
    04.02.2020 at 14:44

    Dreams are so attractive theme for conversation. I see dreams every night and remember almost all of them. I would like to try to interact with Him for getting some answers. Thank you for placing his image on the website!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 11:03

    The other day I was thinking about dreams and lucid dreaming. I do not remember my dreams yet, or rather I do not set such task. The image of ON is very interesting. Thanks for the article, a lot of things become clear and understandable.

  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    05.03.2021 at 13:12

    Dreams might be inexhaustible source of information and knowledge. One should definitely learn how to get it.