No wonder that all cults and religions pay much attention to eating as food doesn’t only give strength to the body but it is also capable of energetically influencing the body from the inside.

Saturating food with special energies, we are literally saturated with them from the inside. If you pray before eating, you fill the food with the religious energy of slavery, and the state of the debtor and the victim is already taking root inside you, now the body will definitely suffer.

Food has colossal Force, it’s not for nothing that we set the tables for the holidays as well as for the commemoration. Let’s find out how you can replace religious programs with food (prayer, dua). Fold your hands in the shape of a boat, in the asking position, and say:

“I bless this food with the Light of the Luminaries, the Power of the Earth, and may this food be filled with joy and goodness. Truly!”

Read it 3 or 12 times.

Then turn your hands palms down over the food and say.


Blessing is receiving good things through the word.

As you can see, food has the potential to nourish you with health and joy, and improve your life. If the family is at the same table, you can read it for all the food. It is better for the older woman at the table to do it.

If you have any questions, of course, write them.

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