Energy in the human body

I intended to talk about the energy of the Tree, but in the concept of one element energy, the topic, of course, cannot be disclosed. Therefore, it’s necessary to mention the energy of all the main elements.

The elements, as the original substances, were defined by Plato. However, Plato mixed the concept of Natural Elements and elements. In Chinese metaphysics, we already find the doctrine of the 5 elements (Theory of the Five Elements). It mentioned the following: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal. But it is not about the four nature elements, there was just a confusion, but about the fundamental elements, or rather the energies that are in our body. What does it mean? This is a form of perception in-body. We conduct a lot of energies from the outside World into the body, but the wise men noticed the main ones.
Today we will talk about wood.

Wood is an energy that is very related and useful to a person. Remember how one is drawn to nature from the city. What a pleasure for a man to have a rest under a tree. All the four Elements are represented inside the tree itself but… we are not talking about the Natural Elements, but about something else. There is an erroneous perception of this point. Through the Tree, a person receives the energy of the Earth, mainly, but also acquires the energy of the tree itself. The green color and the Earth by themselves stabilize human health.
How can we get the energy of the tree? Planting, as I said before, walking in the woods. Of course, there are also energy practices for obtaining additional energy. I will definitely show them to you. Even paintings and photographs with trees are very useful. In China, they believe that the wood element is represented in the body. How to understand this? Energy similar to the tree in the human body was called respectively.

The best restoration of health is planting your favorite trees and plants, walking through the forest, park, garden and contemplating pictures with trees.

The most famous energy practice to strengthen wood element roams around different cultures.
For example, Yoga Asana Tree pose, Qigong Tree and Slavic Tree (visualization of the roots going into the Ground). The tree symbolizes the Genus, the human body, the system of chakras (charms), the Tree of knowledge.

The Family Tree was used to make offerings to the Ancestors. The patron tree helps a person especially. Which tree is to your liking?

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