Excess parts of body

Do you know why Doberman Pinscher get their tails and ears docked?

To meet the standards, for dog show. Standards run that ears and tails of Doberman Pinscher must be docked.

But for several years already the green organizations in the West has been fighting for stopping dogs being docked tails and ears. And now at the international dog shows a docked dog won’t win at any price. In addition dog breeders say that docked ears less ill with otitis.

At which show do they exhibit specimens under the name of “human”?

For a human docks as well… The website is not 18+, therefore I reckon you’ll understand what I mean. Why do you think that religion knows for sure that a human has something excess? Can something be not right with a human, created in the image and likeness of God?

For muslims circumcision appears to be in some way a symbol of faith, symbolizing connection between them and Allah. A man, having made circumcision, has fulfilled the will of the highest deity and sunna of prophet Muhammad thereby having himself purged of the Earth’s filth.

Wait! The connection between a man and the God appears by cutting off a piece of body? A very odd situation: to have connection to somebody one has to cut off a piece of body? To become a friend of a sculptor one has to snap off a piece of sculpture made by him?

People! Wake up! Having oneself purged of the Earth’s filth? One should then cut off his tongue, ears and put out his eyes – it is that minimum by which you defile the Earth.

And we can recollect about immolations as well.

To whom? To the One who is God. We will talk about him later. Also the fact, that your hands are smudged with blood, your mind with foolishness, and your heart with not love.

God is love? Odd love you have, people. While shredding your body and strongly believing that the God said so — you are not worthy of Faith, you are in captivity of religion.

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  • maura
    17.03.2021 at 00:00

    I’ ve never thought about it before! Thank you for making it clear and showing the parallel between docked dogs and men! Men’s circumcision for religious god is so stupid and has no sense!