Faith brings Life back!

So January 1, 2021 has come, and we can confidently say that thousands of people have returned to Life.

For many years, dressing up in different names and clothes, evil took life from people. Not noticing, people have lost family values. Can the Mother voluntarily give the child to other parents, to another Kin and detach him from the nest, so that he no longer sees joy, instilling in him that he is sinful and must suffer? Of course not.

So the ritual of immersion in Water with other “parents” (godparents) is a ritual of killing a child for Life. And again the birth but already inside the religion as a slave, with the parents-godfathers that represent the interests of religion. How could the Spirit of man, powerful and unshakable, be destroyed and replaced by the spirit of god that dictated to Moses to capture cities, kill men and women who knew men, and take virgins for themselves and rape! How can god think so and give such instructions? Having scolded their kins, people betrayed their ancestors that were tortured by religion, and doomed their descendants to suffering. Do you know that the names given during baptism carry the types of suffering that are described in the lives of the saints? You don’t know it!

So Life returns again. Together with real Faith (and not religion which was called Faith to confuse people), with real love and hope and, most importantly, with the Wisdom of God. Of course, not that sadist god who called to kill, rape, cut off body parts, make sacrifices, torture people, lock them up in monastic prisons, hide women in black clothes, cut off their heads, do terrorist attacks in honor of him, but the real God. The one that carries the Light.

So the word “Faith” becomes clear because in fact it has nothing to do with religion. Faith is the knowledge of currents of the Luminaries. In Russian Faith is Vera, which is the knowledge, Ra is currents of the Luminaries. After all, not knowing the Luminaries is a crime against Life. Earth and Heaven lead us, but people have forgotten about them. Not on purpose, they just fell into an illusion, fell into the mouth of the world’s deception and thought that religion was Faith, and in religion god created them and created everything around them. And they do not ask themselves why he is cruel and not just kills, but also tortures and demands sacrifices, they say “god knows better”. But you worship the one who tortured your ancestors, tortured with particular cruelty. That’s it.

But Faith, having opened its arms, is ready to give you knowledge. Sects and religions have long entangled the Earth with cobwebs, squeezing stupid Souls and drinking Life from them. Enough! Inhale and exhale, and speak directly and openly to everyone about Faith and the truth about religions, knock at the very heart, shout in the ear, look into the depths of the eyes to see the Soul.

It is impossible to be silent in 2021, punishment will follow. Awaken people to Life. We came to this Earth to live and create!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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  • maura
    05.02.2021 at 18:05

    This theme is vitally important, because people really do not analyze the religion and its influence! Thank you for discovering the truth and brining the Faith back to people!Unfortunately, not all people are ready to know the truth. Among my dear people there are some religious relatives who do not perceive the information about the true Faith and continue their worship of the cruel Christian god.