Вера - источник жизни

Faith is the Source of Life 

I was walking down the street and I was looking at dull people who were all miserable. For they believe that their purpose on the Earth is to suffer. 

Human is not born to suffer! 

Human comes to the Earth to comprehend the meaning of existence, and there are many situations of different directions on human’s life way, where he must be able to make the right decision. The quality of human’s life, health, success and, in general, a view of the World are formed by means of social levers and currents emanating from the Luminariesas well as the Power of the Earth. Between Heaven and the Earth, humanlike a pillar, conducts currents through himself and has Power at the expense of them. The very Power that allows actingIt’s very simple, we’ll be sure to analyze it in details. 

People take currents partially, and therefore the get sick and suffer. Faith is the knowledge of RA, the knowledge of the Luminaries, that is, the understanding and perception of the vital necessary currents. This knowledge has been completely destroyed. But Faith brings it back! 

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5 комментариев

  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    21.08.2019 at 18:14

    I’ve always seen that there’s something wrong with people. Now I start to get the idea…

  • inna_frauscher
    01.09.2019 at 15:03

    All three monotheistic religions are about sufferings and death, nobody teaches one to think ,restraining ones consciousness. Only faith is the source of life, if everybody got it, we would live in a happier and more prosperous society.

  • maura
    07.01.2020 at 17:39

    You are the first who says people to live and be happy, bit not suffer and atone for sins for all the life! Thank you so much!

  • maura
    28.01.2020 at 10:21

    Many people do not have any ideas of what their aim of life or why they have this or that quality of live. Thank you for raising such important questions!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 09:18

    I have never supported the idea that a person should suffer. But when you live all your life surrounded by people who support this, believe it, and live this way, you «infected» with this vision of the world perhaps imperceptibly even for yourself. And then, after thirty, you walk down the street depressed and unhappy, as described in this article. For the first time, the System «broke» me when I was in the hospital with my first child. It’s still scary and painful to remember. I was not inspired by the happiness of motherhood, but hating life and people. That Time I began to believe that nothing is prepared for a person on the Earth, just suffering. Then other unhappy events followed. I still believe that only meeting with Alena Polun that «kept me afloat» and that Alena’s knowledge will save thousands more people who initially know that they were not born to suffer, just the System did its vile thing.