You are on an Internet resource dedicated to the Faith. This is the only source in the Internet that tells exactly about the Faith. Please do not confuse it with numerous religions.

What is the Faith?

The Faith is the knowledge of Ra. ‘Faith’ is ‘Ve-ra’ in Russian. ‘Ve’ is derivative from old Russian verb [Vedat’] means ‘to know’. So ‘Vedanie’ (Russian, noun) means ‘knowledge’. ‘Ra’ means ‘the source of Light’. ‘R’ – ‘Rech’ in Russian (‘Speech’ in English). ‘A’ – ‘Dukh’ in Russian (‘Spirit’ in English). Our Spirit interacts with the Light through speech! Is it unclear and confusing for you? Of course, we will explain everything. But let’s get back to the Faith.

The Faith is knowledge that allows you to start living. Yes, do not be surprised, until now you have agreed that a righteous way of life is suffering and death. Righteous (‘Pravednyy’ in Russian) means not suffering, but living according to the knowledge (‘Vedanie’ in Russian). The only knowledge about life is the Faith! There is no other name for it, the rest is invented by a man. The Faith brings people back to life.

‘Ra’ is the Light of the Sun, reflected from different planets, its flows enter our body. ‘Is-tok’ (in Russian) is the derivative from ‘Iskhodyaschiy Tok’ (Source in English) meaning the outcoming flow. It is impossible to live without knowing the main thing – the Faith.Therefore, until now various religions called themselves Faiths. But this is fundamentally wrong, they are religions that have different names.

The Faith is one for all. After all, we walk under the same Heavens. Can there be many truths? Religions, unfortunately, do not just exist on Earth but conflict with each other and cause wars. The Faith is one for all, regardless of nationality, place of birth and life.

What does the Faith give to a person?

A life! And this is the most important gift. You will feel what Joy ([Ra-dost’] in Russian) is because it is ‘to give Ra’ ( ‘Ra dat’ in Russian)! And, of course, your children will become healthy and happy. You should learn to perceive the energy which you have forgotten. That is the reason why you get sick and suffer. And you consider it normal because this is the case for everyone. You are right, this is the case for everyone. But what can you say about those people? Did they return to the One Faith? Or do they read different religious books? Suffering and misery cannot be normal, religions have instilled this in you, so that you feel like worthless slaves or cackle wildly, thinking that you are the sons of a certain god.

We invite you to the website where you will learn everything about the Faith, about yourself and about life. Be blessed!

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn.

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  • maura
    21.04.2021 at 16:26

    It is amazing how language can keep the secret knowledge in the true meaning of words! Thank you for explaning what the true Faith is!Nobody has explained it before. Religions have devided people and made them separate from each other!

  • starcom
    23.05.2021 at 17:58

    Thank you for bringing the forgotten knowledge back to people.