Fire Energy

The energy of Fire gives us the desire to move and act, creative ideas and goal setting. In the body, Fire gives warmth and warms up vital energy.

In summer, there is a lot of Fire energy, in cold weather it becomes less. Also, in youth, the energy of Fire prevails, and in old age it goes out. The cooling of inner Fire energy leads to Death.

It is important to maintain the energy of Fire in a constant active state, but also without an overabundance. An overabundance can cause excessive activity and an increase in heartbeat.

So, in Winter and late Autumn, it’s time to be filled with the energy of Fire. If you have a breakdown and don’t feel like doing anything, or maybe you are freezing, then don’t put off replenishing Fire energy.

Light a red or orange candle, preferably a wax one and certainly not a church one.
Start warming your hands on it and calmly inhale for a long time, trying to feel that you are inhaling the energy of Fire.
Important! After gaining Fire energy, drink Water. You shouldn’t go outside right away.
Make it a rule, keep candles at hand in the house for every case.

It is especially important to light candles from November to March. Thus, you also keep the heat in the house.

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