Fire of Life

Have you heard such an expression as “Fire of Life”?

I think you’ve heard it. So, we are talking about a powerful life energy within you. It is reflected by a sparkle in the eyes, by ideas and a desire to create. The Fire of Life is very visible in healthy and joyful children, but it dims with age. Like any Fire it requires material to burn, and you no longer have it. You are empty and Life is still glowing in you, because the Fire of Life is going out.

Having realized the importance of the Fire of Life, you will begin to keep it burning. Depression and chronic fatigue are the first indicators that the Fire of Life is going out. Joy is capable of igniting smoldering sparks, but it should be a real joy and not false achieved with the help of alcohol or other drugs. Learn to enjoy Life, be inspired by the World and the Fire of Life will burn brightly. Look at the faded eyes of religious people. Their Fire of Life burned out, and trouble is flourishing in the ashes. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from religions.

Keep safe from alcohol, drugs and treat your body with love. Health must be protected from evil!

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