Flower Garden of the Spirit

I would like to start a series of articles called The Flower Garden of the Spirit.

This name is not accidental. The Spirit is a conductor of knowledge and Power of your Kin, Origin and you.

A Flower Garden is a natural decoration that brings joy.

Time has brought us to Autumn. Here in Russia it spread out through the cities and forests with yellow-orange leaves, poured cold rains. October is the month of preparation for Darkness, and Darkness will take us to itself especially strongly in November. When we enter completely into Darkness, and Darkness is Mother. It is a maternal aspect, we must be able to plunge completely into it in order to be saturated with the new Power of Life, so that Winter will pass joyfully. But now we are waiting at the entrance to her house.

Light the candles, look out the window when it gets dark and enjoy the special depth of the Darkness, even if the windows of houses and lanterns are shining, Darkness reigns. Allow your Spirit to enjoy the Darkness. Immerse yourself in it deeply. Darkness inspires, what did it inspire you to do?

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