Foolishness for Christ

Is it possible to become a holy fool for the sake of someone else (any God)? Certainly, this is a phenomenon of foolishness. Foolishness for the sake of God is a sacrifice of mind to a religious God, meaning that a man willfully gives his own mind to the religion and becomes insane. As a result Beings penetrate into this mindless person and start to manage his actions and words.

The sacrifice of human mind to a religious God is highly valued by religion, that’s why such inhuman (there is nothing left from human) might be nominated for sainthood.

Though holiness has a completely different meaning. In order to understand the essence of the concept, read the article about Holiness.

Foolishness is a terrible gift of human to a religion.

Do not confuse jester and holy fool, they are absolutely different. Jester is an Image of Joker. Joker is not the topic of our conversation, because people don’t need any knowledge of him.

A holy fool is always insane and of course no treatment can help him. A sick person must be isolated from others, but unfortunately since the religions came, holy fools began to be worshiped and mind sacrifice became honored and appreciated.

Protect your mind, which was given to us by God Raz. Raz is the Initial Light God. RAZUM (russian) – RAZ – Light God, UM – mind. He gave us mind, when there was no religion and no one knew that the time would come when people would give up their minds of their own free will.

Religions torture people and take souls away.

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  • starcom
    05.06.2021 at 05:13

    When I was a child I didn’t feel good being among religious people. They always looked poor, unhappy and strange to me. Their eyes were empty. It looks like religions suck life energy from people they captured. Thanks to Alena Polyn I know that religions capture souls as well. People, wake up until you alive, get rid of religious ties until you are able to do so, otherwise it’s gonna to be late.