Giving up bad habits.

Habits are what a person gets used to. But to get used to something you need to start doing it. So the question arises: why does a person begin to do what is harmful? And he begins to do harmful acts for himself, because he wants to do them. Again the question arises: why does he want to do them? Because the system around implements information in different ways about what needs to be done.

What are bad habits?

1. Alcoholism.

2. Addiction.

3. Gambling.

4. Smoking.

These are bad habits that are classic. But there are a number of not classical habits, but more rare ones. I already talked about alcoholism in the article.

We will talk about addiction, gambling, smoking.

Bad habits kill, it is known to all. And, surprisingly, people are afraid of death, but harmful habits are not frightening, although the consequences are known. Such a strong zombification.

Overcoming bad habits is a manifestation of the will, your will, and not everyone has it. Do you know what will is or is it necessary to tell you? But first, write in the comments the answer to a simple question: how do you understand the will?

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  • maura
    10.04.2020 at 17:44

    The will is the ability to act or not allow yourselves to act this or that way in spite of the temptations! Thank you for this article!

  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 12:29

    The will is sensible actions aimed at achieving the decisions you’ve made, carried out even if the whole world is against it.
    Thank you for the article, very interesting.