God’s punishment

As you already understood from the article’s name, we will talk about punishment.

There are events in a person’s life that people depending on culture and religion call either karma or God’s punishment. I will write separate article on karma, today we talk about God’s punishment.

Does God punish a person and for what, and most importantly what kind of God is it?

If we are talking about a multifaceted religious god (here it is more appropriate to write it with a small letter), then the answer is unambiguous, and it sounds like this: «Yes, he punishes». The reason and cruelty of the punishment is not hidden either in Judaism or in the religions that emerged from it and their fellow fanatics, for example, such as Islam and Christianity.

For what does he punish?

The list is huge and it is unlikely that you will be able to avoid at least some point, but I will focus on a few:

  1. Poor service to god. For example, failure to fulfill the required number of appeals to god during the day, small financial sacrifices for the religion, etc.
  2. Sex is not for the sake of children, but for the sake of pleasure.
  3. Analysis of religious scriptures and reflections on some oddities.
  4. Communication with an adherent of a different faith (in almost all religions such a person can be killed).
  5. Dissatisfaction with suffering, it manifests itself, for example, as requests to relieve pain.
  6. Undesirable by god actions of relatives (great-grandmothers, great-great-grandmothers, etc.).

This is a small list of faults for which the religious god punishes.

I have already described the types of punishment, today I will just say – remember the tortures of the Inquisition and you will understand how cruel this god is. Now let’s think about whether mentally healthy parents can punish their children like that? The unambiguous answer is no. And not their own children? Here we will definitely answer no as well. But above I wrote «mentally healthy». Because there are mentally ill people who torture and kill. Now you can see the cause-and-effect relationship.

Further even more severe. The religious god believes that punishment is not always appropriate because a person can already cease to be a person (as he wants) and completely become his servile ideal slave, how then to punish him? After all it is necessary. A maniac cannot but torment the victim! For such purposes punishment is the prevention of subsequent possible violations and is called in Christianity, for example, “permissiveness».

As all followers of this religion write, so that a person does not leave the god, he must be tortured. Such is the joyless life of religious people. Joy is unavailable to them, since Ra is the currents of the Luminaries, the religious god cannot give anything, his task is to torment. What for? To receive energy, thanks to which his power of evil grows, which is also not hidden anywhere, but people do not see obvious things.

People think their god is either Jesus, but he is good, though he said that he would separate them with loved ones and cursed the fig tree, and it wilted, but suffered for us. Of course, no one saw Jesus, but the myth is interesting and there is someone and what to believe in. Or god is his father, he is generally multifaceted and you can imagine him as you want.

Before washing off the religious filth and turning to Faith, I want to add a little proof of God’s rancor:

“Do not worship or serve them; as I am the Lord, your God, a jealous God, punishing children for the guilt of fathers up to the third and fourth generation who hate Me, and showing mercy to a thousand generations to those who love Me and keep My commandments”. (Deut. 5:9-10)

We already know everything about his mercy, for the centuries-old experience of religions on Earth, only the blind have not seen mercy. From terrible terrorist attacks and murders to disasters.

Wash yourself and breathe out, we have come to Faith.

Punishment of a person is not provided at all. Because there are cause-and-effect relationships for teaching the soul. For example, a child grabs a hot thing – it hurts, and he will not take it anymore, and if he does, then he is a fool and will burn himself again and again until he hurts himself completely. This will not teach anything a completely insane person, of course, but he will also punish himself for stupidity every time. It is the same adults, they did the action and got their result.

The next format of interaction is an encounter with evil. People who bring evil harm a person, yes, this is possible. The world, you know, is not without evil people. There are the possibilities of defense and a person defends himself, and if he does not defend himself, then he is to blame. Nobody punishes a person. A person, depending on his potential, either participates himself in his life and shapes the lives of other people, or is only the one thanks to whom other people shape their lives. Then, in the flow of energy, he, like a pawn on a chessboard, can be pushed into an uncomfortable and even deadly position. But I repeat this is not a punishment of some god, unless of course you are in religion, those who are sick with religions have different laws.

Next thing you need to know. A person is born in a certain country, in a certain place, and with certain financial capabilities based on a previous life. That is, his inaction earlier will affect the start in this life, but everything directly depends on him. Nothing prevents you from starting to grow even from difficult conditions, but, as you can see, in remote villages, for example, people quickly get drunk (and “what else to do” is an excuse).

Of course, religious people justify their torment by the subsequent kingdom of god, but they cannot verify its existence and conditions, so they take everything for granted.

In fact, any President, or even a Deputy, promises a good life. He will not say that there will be no pensions or wages will fall. Well, draw your conclusions.

But seriously, in every kingdom slaves occupy a certain place of service, why not torment the soul even after death…

Those who have had Krashenie and got rid of the slave mark will not go as slaves to the kingdom of the fanatic god, but will return to their Kin, to their Progenitors. Today people have forgotten about their Kin, about their Progenitors, about Raz — the primordial Light God, about the fact that Earth and Heaven hold them in their arms. No one will punish a person, a person can only punish himself, or… come to a religious god for tortures over the soul and body.

I wish joy to you, and, of course, take off the shackles of religions as soon as possible and return to the Faith. There are many religions but there is only one Faith; the religious god is already used to taking your energy through suffering.

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