Great tonsure

Today I will tell you about the Power of hair and its possibilities.

The human head symbolizes Heaven, and the eyes are the Luminaries. That is why the hair on the head is the threads of the Time that collect energy for us. The impact on a person through the hair has always been practiced, the one who was stronger subjugated the weak through the hair, hence shaving the heads of the soldiers, and cutting off the hair of a woman as humiliation. Even scalping has the same roots.

Coming to modern times, we must remember the phrase “monastic tonsure”, but in this case, a person gives away his hair to demonstrate slavish obedience. Now let’s remember Muslim women, their hair is covered with a dark cloth from the light, black scarves on their heads are called widow’s scarves, and everyone knows that they de-energize a woman, make her look older and associate her with troubles.

But let’s pay attention to the most important thing “the great world tonsure”. All those who were baptized gave part of their hair … to someone … to some religious god. For what? Hair cutting is complete obedience. The great tonsure continues, as does obedience, each person chooses free will or the will of god (religious god), but the scary thing is that the choice is only an illusion. Place of birth, family, and lack of knowledge form not a choice but a commitment. If earlier the hair was taken care of and would never have been allowed to be cut off by some person, a priest of an unclear cult, then in the modern world people have forgotten the value of will and the power of the Spirit.

Take care of your hair, do not let strangers cut it off, no matter what god the executioner serves, do not hide your heads from the light with black widow’s scarves. Joy and Light to you.

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