Happy Life

Happiness is being with a part of what the universe gives you. I have already written earlier that, alas, you often give up happiness yourself, placing the seal of a particular religion upon yourself. But the problem is much deeper.

We come to Earth for happiness, that is, our part is a tool for further development and gaining experience. A distressed person brings trouble to himself and others. For a very long time, religions have been implementing a program of suffering as a manifestation of patience and submission to a religious god, now we see the result. The long ruling of religions on Earth today has raised slaves with poor mind and resulted in the prevalence of unhappy people.

It is worth noting that the clerics of religious cults had at their disposal many people, their own ritual buildings (mosques, churches, synagogues, etc.), even their own cemeteries and full maintenance from the state. And what did they do? Using all these levers, they spread troubles all over the Earth. Yes, they were practicing magic, and what do you think the slaughtering of a ram and the dismemberment of the dead are? Their magic had an effect and poor stupid people were led to slaughter. They deprived people of the desire to be happy and instilled the consciousness of patient slaves. Alas, but it is so.

How did they manage to break the mind of people in all countries? Through murder and torture they forced people to accept religion, and through preaching they explained that the Creator was there in religion and you worshiped him. Faith, ‘Ve-ra’ in Russian is the knowledge of Ra, Ra is the energy flows of the Luminaries. Religion is an instrument of cruel enslavement of people. Do not confuse Faith with religion. Having failed to fulfill the destiny, having failed to know a happy life, the Soul becomes a slave of a religious egregor and its next incarnation will be in a sick, mutilated or disabled body or it will live beyond the poverty line.

Today you are to find happiness, ask yourself awkward questions. Where is the Creator in religion? Why does the Creator need dismemberment of the dead and murder? Learn the history of religions. And the most important thing is to know the main proof. Faith is not a religion. The Russian language keeps the truth. Religion does not grant Life, but tortures and takes away happiness.

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