Heavenly Forces, help!

From the beginning of Time a person that came to Earth appealed to Heaven and Earth for help. Heaven is the place from where the Light flows emanate. The Light flows are bestowed by Raz – the Light God. The Earth and those Gods, whose likeness we have, helped us to found home and family. Between Heaven and Earth a person was protected from evil. Heaven and Earth, being parents to a human not only sheltered him from troubles, but also bestowed mind and material assets. Later, in religions, we will see the expression “created in the image and likeness”. It was that expression which preserved the grain of Truth.

The image (‘Ob-Raz’ in Russian) is about God Raz (Light God), the likeness is the bodily resemblance to a God, who was the Creator.

Attention! The Gods, our Forefathers, have nothing to do with the religious god described in the scriptures as a god who is strong in weakness, and even less so with Jesus (‘Iisus’ in Russian). ‘Isa’ is the name of the first light people who do not have a physical body, hence later in mythology ‘Isa’ appeared and became Iisus (Jesus).

At the genetic level people understand the significance of Heaven in our Life and place a religious god in Heaven, whereas, Satan for some reason was placed on Earth (under the ground). Most likely, religions have devalued the significance of the material things, which means that Satan has become a representative of evil.

Heavenly Forces, God… people appeal to them unconsciously, stretching out their hands to Heaven, thinking that their religious god is sitting there, above. It turns out that people call for the one who is called god in religion and has nothing to do with Heaven and look up at the Luminaries that could help them in Life, but they completely forget about the Earth.

How did it happen that Heaven and Earth became unnecessary, and people turned their eyes and thoughts to religion? Having arisen on the Earth, religions gathered in their ranks at first the rabble that crawled like creeps on the Earth. And when they got power, they replaced Life with existence and the Faith with religions for people.

Appealing to Heaven and Earth, you gain Life, and they guide you, helping you right away. Appealing to a religious god, you get new trials in order to feed him with your energy of suffering.

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