Holy Fire

The Holy Fire (in Greek and Armenian traditions — Holy Light, Greek Ἅγιο Φῶς, Armenian Սուրբ Լոյս) is a fire carried out from the Holy Sepulcher during the special worship which takes place every year on Holy Saturday, on the eve of Easter celebration according to the Julian calendar in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. The carrying out of the Holy Fire symbolizes the outcome of the Holy Light from within the Tomb, that is, the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Currently, the ceremony is conducted by the clergy of the Jerusalem Orthodox Church, the Jerusalem Patriarchate of the Armenian Apostolic Church, as well as the Coptic and Syrian churches.

Meaning of the Holy Fire

I draw your attention to the meaning of the Holy Fire, namely, its meaning is Holy Light. I will clear up this moment in details. A Saint is the one that was illuminated with the light. In Christian tradition you can see Halo (nimbus) on the icons of the Saints as symbol of Light. The expression «Holy Light» is about special Light which was reinforced by a certain grace.

In V—VII centuries in Jerusalem church according to the Armenian translation of the Jerusalem Lectionary, Easter vigil (that is Vespers and Liturgy of Holy Saturday) started with the ancient rite of lighting up the evening light. However, since the IX century all sources tell not just about blessing of the evening light, but also about coming down of the Holy Fire as a miracle.

This is evidenced by Latin pilgrim Bernard Monk (867), Metropolitan of Caesarea Cappadocian Aref (beginning of X century), Cleric Nikita (947), Pope Urban II (XI century), Hegumen Daniil Pilgrim (beginning of XII century), Arab historian al-Masoudi (X century), Raul Glaber (1048) «History», Fulkheriy Shartskiy(1101) «Jerusalem History: Acts of the Franks» and others. A typical peculiarity of medieval descriptions is that the lamps hanging over the tomb (or standing on the tomb) are lit up, but in the Tomb itself there is nobody at this moment, the patriarch and people are outside, sometimes even out of the church. The later report that “the chandeliers are lit up invisibly over the sepulcher of God” belongs to the Hierodeacon of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra Zosima (1420).

Since there was no roof over the Edicule initially, it was constructed later as a separate building.

A Fire which gives grace
Благодатный Огонь

The story, which has survived to this day which is a rare case, usually the Source is destroyed, says about the rite of lighting up the evening light. So we’ve come close to the Truth. Indeed, the Holy Fire is the one that gives the good. In order the Fire can give grace and good it must be spelled in a special way.

Wait, what does Jesus and the Passion of Christ have to do with it? It is because all religions have taken the knowledge from the Faith but in tiny amount and in a form favorable to them. The earliest of the surviving descriptions seems to have been left by the Latin pilgrim Bernard the Monk. In 867, as an eyewitness, he recorded in his «Itineraria»:

«On Holy Saturday, on the eve of Easter, within the morning service in the Church of Holy Sepulcher after singing: «Kyrie, eleison» (God, have mercy!) — the Angel comes down and lights up the lamps hanging over the Holy Sepulcher. The patriarch hands over this fire to the bishop, and finally to all people in order everyone can light up this Fire at home. The current Patriarch’s name is Theodosius (863-879); he is called to this
place for his piety».

«Itinerarium Bernardi, monachi franci»

Metropolitan of Cappadocian Caesarea Aref writes in his message to the emir of Damascus at the beginning of the X century:

«The Emir of Jerusalem stands near the Holy Sepulcher meanwhile the entrance is sealed by him, and the Christians are outside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and say God, have mercy. Then suddenly a lightning appears and candles are lit up; this light is taken by all citizens of Jerusalem and they light up the fire.
On the eve of Easter, in spring, when the stillness in nature has stopped, because nature becomes still everywhere, especially those places which are covered with snow, of course. Thus, a new period in nature is coming and people light up the Holy Fire so that the grace will come and warm their lives»

Pay attention to the first letter.

Nobody hides from people in order to bring the Holy Fire. What is going on? It is the rite of acquiring a certain Power, holy power, from religious point of view. The bishop reads out the words which acquire power in the Fire after that the lamps are lit up. Who is this Angel, coming down to the Fire? Of course, the Angel is invisible and he directs the hand of a bishop.

In the second letter the worshipers who are a flock of suffering people (the religion calls them so), do not see the lightning which lights up the Holy Fire. It is a mystery covered with darkness…

Rites with the Holy FireБлагодатный Огонь

But let’s get back to the Holy Fire. It is obvious that the rite existed before the Jewish religion. And, of course, it originated not from the Promised Land, which gave promise to its God to perform certain deeds. Yes, the promise (vow) was given, nobody hides this fact.

Promised Land is not the Holy land, but the one that exists under the promise given to its God. What is this promise? It is the theme of a separate article.

We keep talking about the Holy Fire. Rites with Fire are performed from century to century, and Fire plays a dominant role in many rites and rituals.
Does grace relate to any religion? Definitely not. Good and religion are incompatible things. The Faith gives the good. Knowledge of RA, the very Light that is the Heavenly Fire. Lighting up the Fire from the Sun, we get the Holy Fire, but we also have to provide some conditions. The important thing is the cycle of Light coming down into Fire, in which a spell is read.

Definitely, the Holy Fire was lit up during rites giving good to people. It was not always from the Sun, but the calling for the Sun was obligatory. By connecting the Earth Fire with the Heavenly Fire, the sacrament of acquiring the Power was performed.

It’s a pity that the game of religion has changed the essence of the Holy Fire. By the way, the Holy fire is hot, it can’t but burn, it is a Fire. A real, natural Fire burns! What fire can’t get burn you? The fire which is created chemically, everybody knows it.

But, I’m not talking about religions and their actions, it’s more important for me to convey to you what the Holy Fire is. Though, let’s come back to today’s Holy Fire. I’ll give you an extract from the book:

«That year the famous master of Syria and Palestine Ibrahim, the Egyptian Pasha, was in Jerusalem, it turned out that the fire received from the Holy Sepulcher on Great Saturday was not holy, but was lit up as any other fire.

This pasha wanted to make sure whether the fire on the lid of the Holy Sepulcher was really suddenly and miraculously lit, or whether it was lit with a sulfuric match. What did he do? He declared to the patriarch’s viceroy that he wanted to sit in the Edicule during the Fire obtaining and watch carefully how it emerges and added that in case of the truth, 5,000 pounds (2,500,000 piasters) would be given to them, and in case of lies, they would have to give him all the money, collected from deceived worshipers and that he would public in all European newspapers about this vile forgery. The viceroys Petro-Arabian Misail, and the Nazareth Metropolitan Daniel, and the Philadelphia Bishop Dionysius (present-day Bethlehem) met to consult what to do. During the meeting Misail confessed that in the Edicule he lit up the Fire from the lamp hidden behind the moving marble Icon of Jesus Resurrection which is right next to the Holy Sepulcher.

After this confession, it was decided to humbly ask Ibrahim not to interfere in religious affairs, and send a dragoman of Svyatogrobsky monastery, who explained to his lordship that there was no use revealing secrets of Christian worship and that Russian Imperator Nikolay wouldl be unsatisfied with the revealing of these secrets.

Ibrahim Pasha, after hearing this, waved aside and fell silent. But since then Svyatogrobskoe clergy no longer believe in the miraculous phenomenon of fire. Having told all this, the Metropolitan asserted that only God could stop their pious lie. As He knows and can to calm down people, who now believe in fiery miracle of Holy Saturday. But we can’t start this transformation in people’s mind because they will tear us into pieces right at the chapel of Holy Sepulcher.

We, he continued, notified patriarch Athanasius, who lived then in Constantinople about the pressure of Ibrahim Pasha but in their message to him they wrote “Blessed Fire” instead of “Holy Light”. Surprised by this change, the blessed old man asked us: «Why did you start calling Holy Fire different way? » We opened the truth to him but added that the Fire lit up from the hidden lamp on the Holy Sepulcher is still the Holy Fire which is obtained at the holy place.

pp. 299-301 of the volume of the 3rd “Book of My Being” by Bishop Porfiry (Uspensky) Religions, there are many of them, as well as the “miracles” which they describe, but I will come back to the theme of the Faith and the Holy Fire.

How to get the Holy Fire at Home< Can we get the Holy Fire on our own, at home, not in Jerusalem, but, for example, in Moscow or in some other city or even country? Yes, we can. But we should know the spell which let get the special Grace Power. This spell has not survived till our days, so, if somebody writes that he has found it, it is a lie!

The Spell for the Holy Fire

«May Heavenly Forces and Earth Forces meet together. May them be called Grace. I believe! Knowing RA as the Light which counts down our age. I believe and the Faith illuminates me, my voice now is strong. May this Fire be Holy. As soon as it warms my hands, it will give the Grace. Verily!»

The spell is made according to the Force canons by me Alena Polyn.

Read it from 12 to 40 times after lighting up a candle. It is better to take a wax candle. After reading the Spell, make sure you and your loved ones warm hands on Fire.

I revealed the secret of the Holy Fire to you. We will continue to talk about the Faith and Holiness, about everything that gives happiness.

You do not suffer, you are happy when you come back to the Faith!

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn

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