How the Faith Changes Life

For centuries possessing no knowledge regarding the Faith people keep choosing religions. The cunning guardians of religions call each of them the Faith thus the genetic memory does not make people ask where the Faith is and what it is.

As I stated before the Faith is the knowledge of Ra, which is the Light, it is the ability to receive light currents, to let them pass through entire body into the Earth, and in return the Earth gives Zhiva which is life energy.

The Faith is not the history of some God, teaching of a prophet or a godlike human. The Faith is the energy perception given to people for living. Remember the expression «I believe» or «I don’t believe», that means I perceive, I accept or I deny.

But people were forbidden to percept because of the wars of superior beings and their division of the territory on the Earth. The gods (as people called them) set their own rules for their sheep. People were called sheep in a sheep-fold and this wording still remains in some religions, by the way.

The Faith was no longer needed. There was no use for sheep to be reasonable as they were raised for slaughter, perversion and obedient work, no use for having mind that Faith gives. Moreover, the Faith unites people whereas the flock is different. Religions as the instrument of setting the rules based on worship and fear, as well as disconnection from a full-fledged thought process completely suited the superior beings.

Thus, the Faith had gone completely from the Earth, the memory of people was erased and every religion turned into Faith, and people began to believe it. That was the final point for humanity without any future!

But let’s dive into the remote past, before the wars, when the Faith used to cover the whole Earth.

At birth a child was initiated to the Light, because he came out of the Darkness (T’MA in the Russian language) and he was introduced to the Light. It was the initiation to the Faith, the remnants of this rite can be found in Christianity as the rite of baptism (Kreschenie in the Russian language), but the Faith used to have it as Krashenie (you can see these two words are different but look alike), in India the red dot on the forehead in honor of the rising Sun gave a woman respectable position and joy. All these are echoes of one Faith for everybody.

I managed to revive the rite of Krashenie which was removed from people’s memory completely!

Krashenie is the filling with RA Light that is initiation to the Light for the possibility… to live!

Krashenie brings the Faith back!

How the Faith benefits health condition:

The Faith improves the health that was not destroyed completely by the absence of full amount of Zhiva from the Earth.

How the Faith benefits intellectual abilities:

The Faith gives back the intelligence, which people have been deprived for many years. And therefore new intellectual abilities evolve.

How the Faith benefits the finances:

A person is not supposed to be poor. Poverty is a disaster. Therefore poverty is the program for sheep set up by religions.

How the Faith benefits one’s family:

The Faith sanctifies a family making it blessed. Blessed Kin is what people lost long time ago.

The rite of Krashenie is back! The Faith is back. Remember it, bring back the happiness to believe and live in stead of groveling.

You can request the rite by sending an email to

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn

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3 комментария

  • maura
    23.02.2020 at 19:49

    Thank you for such detailed explanation of the concept of Faith and its significance in people’s life! Quite often when I start speaking about the Faith with people, they ask me what God I mean by the Faith. But that is completely wrong perception of the Faith.

  • interested
    23.02.2020 at 21:44

    What a wonderful artice! I love it very much, it gives the feeling of being sure about the future, goals and meaning in life. Intuitively, I have never beleived (though being baptized) that we are here to suffer, to be poor, bend our heads obediently before God, etc. As far as I can see, deep religious people are afraid of life and the nice things it can give, they are usually afraid of wearing brights clothes.

  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 09:50

    I underwent the rite of Krashenie and I feel great. This year, I am planning my husband and children also undergo it. Many thanks to You for restoring and conducting this rite.